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48 hours fanfic

Breastfeeding — Tease lips or cheek. Breastfeeding — Twins, cross cradle position I. Breastfeeding — Twins, football or clutch hold. Breastfeeding — Twins, parallel position II.

Latch breastfeeding Latching on refers to how the baby fastens onto the breast while feeding. The rooting reflex is the baby's natural tendency to turn towards the breast with the mouth open wide; mothers sometimes make use of this by gently stroking the baby's cheek or lips with their nipple to induce the baby to move into position for a breastfeeding session.

Infants also use their sense of smell in finding the nipple. Sebaceous glands called Glands of Montgomery located in the areola secrete an oily fluid that lubricates the nipple.

The visible portions of the glands can be seen on the skin's surface as small round bumps. They become more pronounced during pregnancy and it is speculated that the infant is attracted to the odor of the secretions. The nipple should be angled towards the roof of the mouth, and the baby's lips should be flanged out.

In this condition a baby can't get a good latch because their tongue is stuck to the bottom of their mouth by a band of tissue and they can't open their mouth wide enough or keep their tongue over the lower gum while sucking.

If an infant is unable to hold their tongue in the correct position they may chew rather than suck, causing both a lack of nutrition for the baby and significant nipple pain for the mother.

If it is determined that the inability to latch on properly is related to ankyloglossia, a simple surgical procedure can correct the condition. It is now known that a good latch is the best prevention of nipple pain. There is also less concern about small, flat, and even "inverted" nipples as it is now believed that a baby can still achieve a good latch with perhaps a little extra effort.

In one type of inverted nipple, the nipple easily becomes erect when stimulated, but in a second type, termed a "true inverted nipple," the nipple shrinks back into the breast when the areola is squeezed. According to La Leche League, "There is debate about whether pregnant women should be screened for flat or inverted nipples and whether treatments to draw out the nipple should be routinely recommended.

Some experts believe that a baby who is latched on well can draw an inverted nipple far enough back into his mouth to nurse effectively. They commonly work in hospitals, physician or midwife practices, public health programs, and private practice. Exclusive and partial breastfeeding are more common among mothers who gave birth in hospitals that employ trained breastfeeding consultants.

However, in some cases, the infant may need additional treatments to keep the condition from progressing into more severe problems. Breast milk jaundice occurs in about 1 in babies.

It often reaches its peak during the second or third week. Breast milk jaundice rarely causes any problems, whether it is treated or not. It is usually not a reason to stop nursing. The cause is thought to be inadequate milk intake, leading to dehydration or low caloric intake. Inadequate intake may be because the mother's milk is taking longer than average to "come in" or because the baby is poorly latched while nursing.

If the baby is properly latching the mother should offer more frequent nursing sessions to increase hydration for the baby and encourage her breasts to produce more milk.

48 hours fanfic

If poor latch is thought to be the problem, a lactation expert should assess and advise. Weaning Weaning is the process of replacing breast milk with other foods; the infant is fully weaned after the replacement is complete. Psychological factors affect the weaning process for both mother and infant, as issues of closeness and separation are very prominent.

Unless a medical emergency necessitates abruptly stopping breastfeeding, it is best to gradually cut back on feedings to allow the breasts to adjust to the decreased demands without becoming engorged.

La Leche League advises: Make a bedtime routine not centered around breastfeeding. A good book or two will eventually become more important than a long session at the breast.

Pumping small amounts to relieve discomfort helps to gradually train the breasts to produce less milk. There is presently no safe medication to prevent engorgement, but cold compresses and ibuprofen may help to relieve pain and swelling. Pain should go away in one to five days. If symptoms continue and comfort measures are not helpful a woman should consider the possibility that a blocked milk duct or infection may be present and seek medical intervention.

If the mother was experiencing lactational amenorrhea her periods will return along with the return of her fertility. When no longer breastfeeding she will need to adjust her diet to avoid weight gain.

Breastfeeding and medications Almost all medicines pass into breastmilk in small amounts. Some have no effect on the baby and can be used while breastfeeding.YOU ARE READING.

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Shattered Emeralds. Flarina December 16, Aestivaria is the princess of the changelings, but she is far from being the "bad guy". In fact, she despises her former kingdom's evil deeds.

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WELCOME TO THE. ROBERT FULLER. FANFIC PAGES. STARTING DATE OF FANFIC PAGES WAS 4TH FEB From here you can access stories especially written by Robert Fuller Fans. Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. Sep 23,  · Into The Future Chapter 1, a star wars fanfic Disclaimer: George's universe, I just play arteensevilla.com: This story has been on my backburner for a while. I came up with this particular idea after.

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