A history of writing an article computers hacking and usas citizens

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A history of writing an article computers hacking and usas citizens

TeX LaTeX, MS Word Software constructed by hackers seem to favor such properties as flexibility, tailorability, modularity and openendedness to facilitate on-going experimentation. Software originating in the mainstream is characterized by the promise of control, completeness and immutability.

Most of the artifacts originating outside the hacker community are the product of corporate entities. The team that created Cobol set out to create a programming language that was intended to be more "user-friendly" than any other computer language - including the quality of being readable by non-programmers.

Through an elaborate system of meetings, discussions and voting, all concerns was addressed and all opinions was listened to by the committee, before the design decisions were meticulously documented in a series of official documents.

Looking at some of the designs in more detail, it seems clear that the creators of the emacs text editor understood well its potential applications. The range of problems and environments in which an editor might be used was well beyond what could be imagined by its inventors.

To deal with these unpredictable situations, the editor has its own embedded production-strength Lisp programming language, which users can modify as necessary. This particular feature has been well exploited by users to create an impressive range of applications needing a powerful text manipulation tool - from software development systems and mail-readers, to desktop publishing.

[Senate Hearing ] [From the U.S. Government Printing Office] S. Hrg. DEPARTMENTS OF COMMERCE, JUSTICE, AND STATE, THE JUDICIARY, AND RELATED AGENCIES APPROPRIATIONS. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin "The [Defcon hacking] team plugged in a mouse and a keyboard -- which didn't require authentication -- and got out of the voting software to standard Windows XP just by pressing "control-alt-delete." The same thing you do to force close a program can be used to hack an election.".

To save needless duplication of effort, literally thousands of ready-made Lisp plug-in modules for emacs created by communal effort have been assembled and can be downloaded from the Net.

These can be used as-is, or act as starting points for new modifications. For typesetting complex text and graphics, the hacker community has provided TeX.

TeX works seamlessly with emacs and most other text editors should the user have other preferencesand again provides almost infinite tailorability and flexibility. The built-in rule set which may be overridden when required knows a number of important typographical rules and provides output that is pleasing to the eye and adheres to generally accepted typographic conventions.

Contrast TeX to Microsoft Word, a text editor and typesetter rolled into one package. While the latest offering Word '97 seems to be crammed with all sorts of "features" [ 8 ], for me it seems to be impossible to adapt it to do what I really want it to do.

Even very simple adaptations, such as changing key bindings to get a consistent set of interfaces when switching between tools and environments, seems to be impossible.

A history of writing an article computers hacking and usas citizens

The only possible reading of this design decision is that Microsoft does not want me to switch between tools and environments, but prefers that I remain locked in their proprietary world.

Having purchased and started to use a product I do not like and do not want to own Microsoft Word in order to fulfill a client's and even some academic conferences' expectations, I have now also resigned myself to choosing one of two equally unpleasant options: Either to rely on the mostly immutable built-in rule-set and deliver sub-standard looking documents - or spend a disproportionate amount of my time to layout the document manually.

To configure the typesetting portion of Word to automatically and consistently provide professional looking typography is in my opinion beyond the capabilities of the tool.

A history of writing an article computers hacking and usas citizens

MS Word is by no means unextensible. It comes with a powerful macro and scripting capability and permits the use of Microsoft's Visual Basic as an extension language. This extensibility does, however, not necessarily imply tailorability.


The property of extensibility may be interpreted as the expression in software of an imperialist strategy of assimilation and conquest [ 9 ]. The property of tailorability is one where the artifact is open to yield to user and environmental requirements.Aug 05,  · Philly expanded its civic hacking activities when it wisely realized that tapping into its residents for ideas could prove beneficial and expose more citizens to their open government efforts.

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Podeis leer un montón de documentos sobre hacking como este pero si quereis aprender a hackear de verdad lo mejor es la práctica y ponerse manos a la obra cuanto antes. pero cada vez ireis espabilando y lo ireis haciendo mejor.

no hay que hacer las . Jul 10,  · Hacking of Government Computers Exposed Million People health and financial history, and other private details, from million people who had been subjected to . Political Consumerism captures the creative ways in which citizens, consumers and political activists use the market as their arena for politics.

This book theorizes, describes, analyzes, compares and evaluates the phenomenon of political consumerism and how it attempts to use market choice to solve complex globalized problems.

Suppressed History All over the world there are accounts of archaeological finds being covered up and / or destroyed because they do not fit with the mainstream consensus of history. This is an effort by the cabal to maintain their status quo.

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