Bread bakery business plan in nigeria coat

Bread however is the most consumed because it is the cheapest food to get when hungry. This makes bakery a profitable business.

Bread bakery business plan in nigeria coat

By Flo 25 Comments These days it is fashionable to lose weight. Everyone and their brothers and sisters are talking about losing weight but no one cares that some people want to add weight or at least maintain the tinini one they have.

These group of people are often bullied but few people see that as bullying. Yes, while it is alright to ask a thin someborri: Mmh, if you try that, all the advocates of plus size people will descend on you. This post is to list some foods and snacks that will help you add weight.

If you are being called bonga fish, atinga no blood, longa longa, ogwu azu fish bonesbag of bones, willy willy, fido dido right now in your life, get in here! Abeg help me with more names they call thin people. The following are 10 foods and snacks that will help you add weight.

Chew as a snack in-between meals. Eat roasted groundnuts peanuts with ripe bananas as we do in Nigeria and you have a great snack that will help you add up. Bananas are fattening too so there you go. Details on bananas later.

Chew tiger nuts aki awusa, ofio, aya with groundnuts or on its own, blend it with coconuts and dates dabino to get Tiger Nuts drink and enjoy! Cashew nuts are also great, though more expensive than the other nuts. Peanut Butter okwo ose in Igbo Peanut Butter is said to contain calories per tablespoon.

And the good thing is that the fats and oils in groundnut is healthy and groundnuts contain proteins too. In Nigeria, all you need to do is buy well-roasted peanuts in the market, peel and take them to those people that have manual grinders in the market and they will blend them into peanut butter for you.

They will even do the peeling for you right there in the market. You do not need to add any other ingredient because in Nigeria, roasted peanuts are already salted.

After grinding, put in a glass jar with a cover and close tight.

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You can grind this at home with a dry mill but it is messy abeg. Outside Nigeria, peanut butter is readily available in supermarkets. Use peanut butter as bread spread just like you would spread jam, butter or margarine on slices of bread.

Add it to your smoothies or simply lick it at any chance you get so that the adding up can start happening already. Remember, there are calories in 1 tablespoon! Fura, milk as it comes from the cow is milk with all the fat intact. So if you have access to this type of milk, binge on it till you are drunk on cow milk.

Whole Milk comes in small 1 litre cartons. Oldenburger is a good brand of whole milk UHT that is available in Nigeria. Do not buy the powder one, buy the liquid one with whole milk or full cream written on it.

Outside Nigeria, pasteurised whole milk is available in supermarkets. If you are looking to gain weight, never ever use skimmed or semi skimmed milk in your life again, ever! I would like to mention here that cheese, which is a derivative of milk, is mostly high in fat making it a great food for adding weight.

It is not common in Nigeria so we eat imported cheese that is mostly available in foreign and big supermarkets. Add cubes of cheese or grated cheese to your salads, eat cheese as a snack if you can stand the salty taste and use slices of cheese to eat bread as a sandwich.Nov 22,  · Bread Bakery; Gold Jewelry; 10+ Legal; typically weighs between eight and 10kg.

They have a reddish-brown head, large eyes and ears, and a soft, brown coat that is grizzled with grey, black and white hair. it all depends on how you approach the market. Breeding rare species of antelope in Nigeria is becoming a big business. Bakery Business Plan In Nigeria PDF – Feasibility Study for Bread Production Business.

bread bakery business plan in nigeria coat

It is estimated that bread is the second most consumed snack and due to the high demand of bread by consumers, starting a bread bakery business in Nigeria can be very lucrative.

Bread Bakery Business Plan In Nigeria – Writing a Business Plan for a Bread Bakery. The business is also different from a fast food business as apart from the variety of food available snacks and pastries are also served. Another factor to consider is that both a restaurant and fast food businesses are more expensive to set up and will need a lot of money to start.

B2B portal for the worldwide bakery and biscuit industry with up-to-date industry news, expert market views and trends analyses. Coat Racks Sports Themed Furniture and Decor Sports Themed Furniture and Decor. Bakery ovens are ideal for any business that makes baked goods on a daily basis.

We have units suitable baking for breads, pastries, cookies, and more. If you’re looking for commercial ovens for sale, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a. A bread bakery business is easy to start up and can be run from a home kitchen or a bread factory. Let’s take a dive into this interesting idea and explore the business opportunities for African entrepreneurs in the bread bakery business.

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