Ghost connie jan maraan

However, the message of the story seems questionable since it presents a somewhat vague story.

Ghost connie jan maraan

Gumapon The story is all about a ghost who died when the Tayuman LRT Station suddenly collapsed and the train came falling down on his face.

Ghost connie jan maraan

A recently dead man recalls how he came to be in the afterlife and according to him, he has seen Christ because of that incident. Maraan is an interesting writer who uses lively descriptions and language in depicting the realities presented in the story.

She helps the readers attain a good understanding of the possible beauty in what could otherwise be morbidity in its very notion. Death is presented and tackled in the most acceptable terms like making anything possible because of the absence of feeling.

Ghost connie jan maraan

Analyzing the story using symbolical Approach, we would probably be asking ourselves what symbolizes the train and statues or medallions in the story, or if it is possible for a dead person to still live in our world, and if it is possible for him to remember his life before death.

Death is the main idea that the story is presenting. Just like religious statues or medallions that reminds us that God is with us all the time. We can conclude that the story is telling us not to disregard our deceased loved ones, to always let them remain in our hearts and make their memory live with us always.

When people think of trains and their functions, they simply view them as modes of transportation. In this story, this is not solely the case. While it is true that trains are included in the setting, the trains may be present for underlying reasons.

As Connie uses train as a symbol, It has been used as a place where the protagonists accidentally meet, go their separate ways with her love ones, take the time to think, work on something or just contemplating, and even as a place of rest and relaxation.

As the protagonist journey back and forth in his memory in the train it helps him relieve his doubt and make him realize that things had happened and that he is dead.

“Ghost” by Connie Jan Maraan | Essay Example

She always reminisced so many things that she left that needed to done. She misses feeling things. Sight, touch, taste, hearing. She also missed the feeling of love and her loved one. As what the story was telling, she was trying to buy a figurine from Tayuman and slabs of concrete fell on them, which what caused her death.

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I think in this part she is getting emotional. She had so many unfinished things in life, restless with her death but yet optimistic in a way: As the symbols point it, the main character of the story just needs to accept her death and move on.

There is nothing she can do anymore.GHOST. by Connie Jan Maraan. - Ghost - Connie Jan Maraan - PDF Free Download

Do you believe in ghost? How about after-life? I would choose after-life, for there is, indeed, life after your death.

Including the fact that spirit stayed on a certain place called “inferno” before going straight to heaven. Thus, the story seems straight that the spirit goes to a certain dimension where. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Ghost By Connie Jan Maraan.

Watch video · this is our silent video interpretation of Maraan's Ghost. It is about a person who died of an accident during riding the train. We added some twists and new stuff to it .

“Ghost” by Connie Jan Maraan Essay Sample

Sep 03,  · The Ghost Connie Jan Maraan () This story got me thinking: if I were to die right here and right now, what would my unfinished business be? Well, probably a lot. “Ghost” by Connie Jan Maraan Essay Sample. In this story by Connie Jan Maraan, the protagonist of the story is a ghost who died when the Tayuman LRT Station suddenly collapsed and the train came falling down on his face.

DESCRIPTION. This is a compilation of notes taken from the internet, classroom discussions, and my point-of-view. p.s i'm sorry for not citing the sites, this was made a year ago. - Ghost - Connie Jan Maraan - PDF Free Download