Global isosorbide market

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Global isosorbide market

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The compound illustrates a broad technology applicable to multiple products. The technology provides direct substitutes for existing petrochemicals.

The technology is applicable to high volume products. A compound exhibits strong potential as a platform. The bio-based compound is an existing commercial product, prepared at intermediate or commodity levels.

The compound may serve as a primary building block of the biorefinery. Commercial production of the compound from renewable carbon is well established. Its large scale manufacture began in the s, due to the growing applications as humectant in cosmetology and sugar substitute in confectionery.

The reason of such interest relies on the fact that D-sorbitol has all the characteristics of a typical bio-based platform chemical in terms of sustainability, applications and market value. Chemical structure of isosorbide and its epimers isomannide and isoidide. Jump to Figure 2 The isosorbide moiety has also been incorporated in several bio-based polymers, i.

However, it should be pointed out that, despite D-sorbitol and isosorbide are renewable materials, their derivatizations do not always follow the green chemistry principles.

In this prospect, the present work is focussed on the reactivity of D-sorbitol and isosorbide with the green reagent and solvent dimethyl carbonate DMC. Dimethyl carbonate, the simplest among the dialkyl carbonate DAC family, is nowadays produced by a clean and halogen-free process [].

This compound has been extensively employed as green substitute of highly toxic phosgene in carboxymethylation reactions and methyl halides or other noxious methylating agents in methylation reactions [].

The reactions between the bio-based chemicals D-sorbitol or isosorbide and DMC, are very appealing as they encompass the preparation, as well as the transformation of a renewable resource into industrially relevant products via a chlorine-free and green approach. Synthesis of isosorbide via dimethyl carbonate The current research on the preparation of D-sorbitol is mainly focussed on direct hydrolytic hydrogenation of cellulose [] via a two-step reaction: Conversion of cellulose into glucose by hydrolysis.

Hydrogenation of glucose to D-sorbitol. An appropriate catalyst for this process should provide both acid sites hydrolysis and metallic sites hydrogenation. Thus, several bifunctional catalytic systems have been investigated [].

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The use of ionic liquids as reaction media has been also taken into consideration, although their use is limited by solubility problems and environmental concerns []. Despite the continuous research on its direct preparation from cellulose, D-sorbitol is nowadays synthesized on industrial scale by hydrogenation of glucose via biotechnological and chemocatalytic depolymerization of polysaccharides.

Conversion of D-sorbitol to isosorbide via twofold dehydration reaction. Jump to Scheme 1 In Fleche and co-workers reported the first synthesis of isosorbide from D-sorbitol using sulfuric acid as catalyst [61,62]. The reaction was performed at K in a batch reactor. As a result current research on new synthetic approaches for the cyclic sugar isosorbide has been focussed on less toxic and easy to recover heterogeneous acidic catalysts.

Global isosorbide market

In particular, mixed oxides [49]phosphated or sulfated oxides []sulfonic resins [] and bimetallic catalysts [60] have been investigated. Extensive work has also been conducted on the use of zeolites, which compared to the above mentioned catalysts, have the advantage to be thermal stable and possess tuneable properties.

Furthermore they also require high temperature, i. Despite this methodology being one of the most promising so far reported, it still requires the separation and purification of isosorbide from the reaction mixture.

In this view, a different synthetic approach to isosorbide employs the versatile, green reagent and solvent dimethyl carbonate DMC as dehydrating agent. The advantage of this synthesis is that the reagents are commercially available and isosorbide can be easily recovered by filtration of the excess of base and removal of the solvent which can be eventually reused.

Global isosorbide market

Synthesis of isosorbide by DMC chemistry.The global isosorbide market size reached USD million in Growing demand for replacing fossil fuel derivatives in applications such as monomers, polymers, solvents, and functional materials is expected to drive product demand over the forecast period.

Summary This report describes the development of the industry by upstream & downstream, industry overall and development, key companies, as well as type segment & market application and so on, and makes a scientific prediction for the development industry prospects on the basis of analysis, finally, analyzes opportunities for investment in the industry at the end of the report.


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