How to write a romance novels

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How to write a romance novels

Yuwanda Black of InkwellEditorial. Last week, I sent over some interview questions to Yuwanda specifically about her success as a self-published romance author, and did she ever spill the beans for you!

Thanks for sharing, Yuwanda! Below is the interview: Tell us a little about you and your writing history. How did you get started as a romance novelist? Oh boy, this is a windy tale! It all started really by accident; it was not something I planned on ever doing.

So what happened is this … I have two sisters. One is a writer, like me. We both published non-fiction, how-to ebooks primarily until What changed that year? On that trip, she said she was driving and an idea for a love story came to her.

She said it nagged at her, so when she got back home, she wrote it. It was a short about 65 Kindle pagesinterracial romance — which is how the characters presented themselves to her. I should note that my sis has always been a writer.

And even though she was making a living writing non-fiction then, her love has always been fiction writing. This is why she felt comfortable writing the story, even though she had no previous romance writing experience.

Anyhoo, she uploaded her little love story and promptly forgot about it; not really expecting anything.

Use goals and complications to build narrative momentum

But the next morning as she checked her AMZ stats as she did every morningto her great surprise, she had sales … 8 copies, 13 copies, 22 copies, etc. Throughout the day she kept refreshing the screen and the numbers kept going up. We were both shocked! Because remember, we both published in the non-fiction sector.

Not bad for a first-time author, right? So I wrote and uploaded my first romance 3 Weeks til Forever in May of … and it promptly bombed. I was deflated, but shook it off and went back to writing and self-publishing my how-to, non-fiction ebooks.

Sinceover half my earnings as a writer have come from my self-publishing efforts. You see, there are so many ways to make a living writing. My answer to your next question explains why. Have you found romance to be a profitable niche in the self-publishing industry? Romance is the 1 selling niche in fiction writing— by a wide margin.

This includes self-published romance. What I found out though is that niche matters in romance — and boy are there a lot of niches! The second one I wrote was an interracial love story, like my sister had done.

In fact, I still think my first romance novella is one of my best love stories. I was in an interracial marriage my ex-husband is an Argentine ; and I was genuinely curious as to what would happen.

While African American romance does sell — very well, mind you, all you have to do is see the success of author Brenda Jackson to prove that. But some niches are easier to break into than others — and apparently, interracial romance is one of those niches. So I wrote my second romance novel, Trapped by Desire.

The only difference was that I slapped a pic of an interracial couple on the cover. As the sales show, niche matters — a lot. Is this something anyone with at least average writing skills can break into, or does it require a more advanced skill set to even begin? I had zero experience writing romance or any kind of fiction before I wrote my first romance novel in Let me say that again — I had absolutely NO experience writing romance or any kind of fiction.Aug 28,  · How to Write Romance Novels.

In this Article: Article Summary Brainstorming Ideas for the Novel Writing the Novel Polishing the Novel Romance Novel Samples Community Q&A. Romance novels are a very popular genre in publishing. A good romance novel can spawn a whole series of novels with similar characters and settings%(7).

Moving from academic to romance writing can be a challenge, even for a romance lover. Luckily, many skills necessary for effective academic and non-genre writing are transferable to romance novel writing, though a potential romance novelist needs to remember few specific elements.

Sep 21,  · How to Write a Teen Romance Story. In this Article: Preparing to Write Creating a Story Outline Writing a First Draft Sample Teen Romance Stories Community Q&A Teen romance stories, or romance writing for young adults, are a hot market. The demand for romance YA novels has steadily grown in popularity, partly thanks to the highly successful Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer%().

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how to write a romance novels

The alpha hero is a stalwart archetype of romance novels: aggressively masculine, in the traditional sense, powerful, stoic, and usually rich. In contemporary romance he’s often a billionaire; in historical, often a duke.

He is Darcy and Rochester and, yes, Christian Grey.

how to write a romance novels

Bad Boys & Wallflowers. A modern day heroine “writes” historical romance novels based on her romantic misadventures with the bad boy billionaire.

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