Relationship between virtuality and reality

The telephone, for example. You forget, temporarily, that this demonstration has been edited out of its context and framed neatly to fit into a news story sandwiched between commercial messages for the purpose of keeping you watching. The Basics The Microsoft Computer Dictionary is a concrete place to start when tracking down the complex of ideas surrounding definitions of virtual reality and simulation. The Computer Dictionary defines virtual, an adjective, as "a device or service that is perceived to be what it is not in actuality

Relationship between virtuality and reality

Hire Writer She later makes a valid point saying that women are actually building a world when they read novel, which suggests that a virtual world is helping people create a dream which can never or hardly come true in real life: From above, we can now understand why people regard virtuality as a way of escape from real life.

This results in the consequence that more and more people are indulging in virtuality. When people come out of it, they can no longer get used to reality so that they prefer not coming out at all.

Though virtuality brings us relief and helps to release us from stressful work, it also makes our generation selfish and less concerned about others.

The more time you spend in virtuality, the less time you share with friends and family since we only have 24 hours a day. Think about the virtuality-indulged kid in a family that always pretends to be deaf when parents tell him that dinner is ready.

Where nothing is everything

Therefore, virtuality creates a lack of responsibility in our society. In virtuality, everybody is just a created persona without human emotions. Consider online shooting game is an example.

Teenagers, especially boys, love guns. As technology develops, they can easily play shooting games online with other people. It is dangerous when they indulge in these games and mix the virtuality and reality up.

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It is not a game where one can always press the quit button when he fails or is unsatisfied. The vivid example is that before the virtual shooting games became popular, campus shootings did not happen as often as they do today.

It is not a coincidence but definitely related. The most recent campus shooting happened in Northern Illinois University last month and the biggest one throughout American history in Virginia Tech should arouse the attention of our society. People are relying on the information in virtuality but not their own experiences in reality.

Colwell provides another form of virtuality in her article: Men use the provided information to form their own image of the girls, and then choose the perfect one according to their preference.

Baxter also mentions in his article that the more data information we get, the less experience we can have. It is true because the capacity of our mental space is limited.

Here in the mail-order case, we might think in this way: While we recognized the bad aspects of virtuality, it is not entirely harmful. One example is that our life is becoming more and more convenient due to e-mail contact, online-shopping, etc.

The question is, how can we use good advantages of virtuality to improve our reality? Our goal has always been to make our real lives better so we create virtuality, but since people over use virtuality, our lives get worse.Feb 21,  · DOORS, between reality and virtuality.

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The premodern period had many, although slightly different ideas concerning the reality-virtuality problem.

In the magic world view it is not very easy to point out a significant distinction between reality and virtuality. Jan 15,  · So the line between reality and virtuality seems to be thinning.

Some people are going crazy in the virtual world, but they have to be careful not to forget about the real world. I spend hours a day online and it often drives me batty. Relationship Between Virtuality and Reality. Relationship between Virtuality and Reality Imagine when you go to a grocery store to buy toothpaste.

Will you buy the brand which often shows up Words | 2 Pages. Augmented Reality: A New Vision.

Relationship Between Virtuality and Reality - Essay

role between virtuality and reality. In other words, Portality the relationship between concepts in human daily life. Virtual world is created by 3D . Reality: Relationships are for you to share your happiness The only lasting happiness that exists is the kind that comes from within yourself.

Relationship between virtuality and reality

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