Writing a good linkedin summary

Your Summary is an opportunity to provide a 50, foot view into your career and studies to date. Instead, write a short narrative of your professional life and career aspirations, using some of the keywords left over from writing your Headline.

Writing a good linkedin summary

In a recent articleI shared a step-by-step process on how to create a powerful LinkedIn headline.

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Here are 6 secrets for creating a powerful LinkedIn summary: Before you write your LinkedIn summary, you need to be clear on why you are using LinkedIn. Are you seeking a job in a new field?

Are you happily employed but simply looking to build up your personal brand? Are you looking to strengthen your professional network?

Are you looking to land new customers for your business? Chances are you probably have several goals.

writing a good linkedin summary

Highlight the problems you solve. No matter why you are using LinkedIn, your summary should expand on your headline by telling the reader which problems you solve.

In other words, discuss who you help and how you help them.

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Provide evidence for your credibility. Assume that people reading your profile will be skeptical. The best LinkedIn profiles also have a human element to them and elicit emotion in the reader. Include your contact information.

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The minimal risk of being spammed far outweighs the potential reward in being accessible to anyone who wants to connect with you.

This is especially true if you are looking for a new job or working in any sort of sales capacity. Do NOT write in the first person. Summaries written in the first person sound very pretentious, especially when you are discussing your achievements. Use bullet points or write your summary in the third person.

You can check out my LinkedIn summary here.The Structure of a Good LinkedIn Summary Authenticity and creativity are the hallmarks of a great summary, which is why most LinkedIn summaries feature distinct sections.

How to create a LinkedIn profile?

Make sure you nail these to make your summary perfect. 5 Secrets to a Knockout LinkedIn Profile Summary. By Laura Smith-Proulx. With space for 2, characters available, your Summary is a great place to inject keywords into each sentence, repeating them for greater density.

5 Secrets to a Knockout LinkedIn Profile Summary;. Examples of good summaries. Writing a summary on LinkedIn requires a little bit of effort but it is not the most difficult job in the world. Just find a balance that informs others about your core values and business accomplishments or what you offer for potential collaborators without making it seem like you are bragging or focusing on numbers.

Aug 28,  · LinkedIn has become a powerful force in recruitment, with the number of members exceeding million worldwide. The social media site for business is now a useful resource when it comes to recruitment.

It helps candidates find great opportunities through the job search function, and it gives prospective employers a way to scope out the.

One often neglected section of a LinkedIn profile is the summary (background) section. This is where you can enter a bunch of keywords that recruiters, customers, suppliers . And a killer LinkedIn profile summary is where it's at in terms of lead generation and personal branding.

We've updated this post to include even more great pro tips on how to improve your summary and reel in more leads through an engaging profile.

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